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random thoughts

let's observe the things amongst us that are slowly eating away at our sense of well-being. never in my lifetime would i have thought that luxuries would be a slow way of suicide on both my physical and mental stability. i hate living in an age where progress constitutes losing something in the process. compromise today means a mere loss that means nothing, but on the contrary it's still a loss. small losses added together can be a bigger, more complicated problem. every unique problem in every human egocentric predicament is diverse, yet this diversity can create even a bigger problem. power today is centralized in many senses, and yet the masses allow this corruption because of rational ignorance. why do people let these things happen? because the intellegent can progress, but the ignorant can be stagnant. decade by decade, the masses can be easily be swayed to be the slaves to this earth. in due time, it will be an irreversible trend that will lead to destruction.
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